Leo Pusateri

Author, President & Owner of Pusateri Consulting

Passionate, inspirational and motivating are words many would use to describe Leo. Affectionately known as the “value man” in the financial services industry, he is also recognized as the industry’s premier partner of value-based training, not only by senior leaders in the C-suites, but among top advisors as well.

When it comes to “Knowing, Pricing, Selling and “Living” Your Value”, Leo’s time-honored and proprietary programs are in place around the world. This is a credible testament to his knowledge capital that he enthusiastically shares with clients. His travels find him working across the country and around the globe with senior leadership teams to financial entrepreneurs who represent broker-dealers, RIAs, investment management firms, private banks, family offices, insurance companies and more. Through Leo’s robust training programs, firms have endorsed Leo’s skill set as the absolute best-in class in bringing value based training on the table.

Pusateri Consulting
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