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One sentence should be in every financial advisor's vocabulary: "I have looked closely at my value and can say with confidence that there is integrity to my pricing."

So, why can so few advisors say this sentence with total confidence? Because pricing integrity – fair, consistent and transparent pricing – eludes even very successful and high-value wealth advisors. It’s not easy to price an intangible service, with an uncertain but important outcome, to a confused and confusing marketplace.

Pricing with integrity takes work to get right. It requires a deep dive understanding of your value, differentiation, pricing norms, your relative value vs. competitors and your value through the client’s lens. In short, a lot of inputs.

Questions like these need to be answered:
  • What should be my pricing policy?
  • How do I have conversations with clients to reset the price to a level that’s fair for all involved?
  • How do I gauge my value to know where I should be priced? I don’t even know the pricing norms in the business!
  • How should I handle some of the more challenging pricing questions that come up: You’re the higher priced provider? Would you give a discount to win my business? Can I pay you only when I make money in
  • the account and not during bad markets?
And setting the right price for your services is half the battle. The real challenge is to become convinced of your value and your price and to be able to speak with conviction about your pricing to clients.

Pricing Your Value™ for Financial Advisors

Pricing is the one of the most important business decisions a Financial Advisor must make, and remake over time. The impact can be enormous. This program is designed for those advisors who are dedicated and serious about running their business like a CEO – leveraging their value to drive pricing. Specifically, the program is about training advisors to set, support and defend a pricing strategy that fully reflects the value they deliver.

This practical, powerful program was developed by Pusateri with input from our strategic alliance partner, PriceMetrix. This program combines Pusateri’s proven expertise in the development and delivery of compelling and unique value propositions with powerful insights and experience from the industry pricing experts PriceMetrix.

The Five Beliefs of Pricing Your Value:

  1. Pricing is one of the most important business decisions any financial advisor needs to make.
  2. You need to know your value before you can price your value.
  3. However, most financial advisors do not apply enough thought, time or rigor to pricing their value.
  4. To price correctly, you need to look at the interplay of value delivered, client perception of value and pricing.
  5. Only when clients fully appreciate a sales professional’s value can they fully realize their value.

The Structure of the Pricing Your Value Experience

Pricing is not a one time event and neither is the Pricing Your Value Experience. It is designed with in-person facilitations, webinars, and individual coaching sessions.

Outcomes From The Program

Graduates of Pricing Your Value emerge from the deceptively difficult work we put them through to:

  • Build a foundation of a long-term, value-based pricing strategy
  • Run their business like a CEO – leveraging the value they provide to drive pricing
  • Build the skills and techniques they can use to confidently discuss price with their clients 
  • Adopt a pricing integrity approach for their practice
  • Become impatient to be rewarded for the value they provide
  • Take an unapologetic view to their pricing 
  • Respond correctly to pricing challenges without getting caught flatfooted
  • Finally take action to move stubborn pricing metrics that in turn drive  organizational profitability
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