Discovering Your Value™

Do you know what makes you unique in a challenging and crowded marketplace? Do your clients know what makes you different? Can you articulate how you add value?

The Discovering Your Value™ experience will help you look at your business in a new and powerful way. We believe it’s an effective solution that can have a measurable impact on your business. Whether you are a senior leader looking to create a substantial change in your organization’s performance or an advisor who is dedicated to growing and differentiating your practice, the Discovering Your Value™ Experience has a proven track record of results.

Program Objectives

By the end of this experience, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the unique background of their organization, as well as the unique value they bring professionally and personally to prospects and clients.
  • Define and articulate their or their organization’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • Identify their or their organization’s business beliefs.
  • Illustrate their or their organization’s new business relationship process.
  • Analyze their or their organization’s retention and growth strategy.
  • Describe client successes and the impact they have had on the client.
  • Express ways in which they can differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Identify what their or their organization stands for and how he/she can individually deliver these values.
  • Explore the “real value” the organization or they provide to prospects and clients.

The Program's REAL VALUE

As Senior Management, you will:
  • Spearhead organizational change by positioning this program from the top down.
  • Be empowered to discover and draft organizational answers to the critical questions on the Value Ladder.
  • Uncover ways to make your sales and marketing organization more competitive.
  • Set the foundation for achieving bottom-line results.
  • Be viewed as an active player in shaping the performance culture of the organization.
  • Be a critical player in the coaching and reinforcing of organizational answers.
As a Financial Entrepreneur, you will:
  • Internalize your or your team’s answers to the questions on the Value Ladder.
  • Identify your own value by answering the Value Ladder questions.
  • Learn to target Value Ladder answers to prospect and client questions with confidence, passion and speed.
  • Discover the unique value you provide to value-seeking prospects and what it can do for your organization.
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