You Never Knew Because You Never Asked


I dedicate this book to those who gave me the opportunity to work with them… MY CLIENTS!

I’ve been privileged and blessed to work with some amazing individuals over the past 45 years. My career started with a focus on Fortune 500 leaders and their sales teams and then morphed into the global wealth management industry. From senior leaders to financial entrepreneurs, it’s a group that continues to do their best to differentiate their organizations and to provide extraordinary value to their clients.


I’ve learned a lot from everyone who entrusted me with assignments and engagements over the years. I’ve been challenged to make those I work with think, and I’ve done my best to make a meaningful difference for each of them as individuals, as well as for their organization.

It’s been a great ride, and with much enthusiasm and passion, I look forward to what lies ahead.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leo Pusateri

Wealth Management Consulting, Coaching & Training | Pusateri Consulting
You Never Knew Because You Never Asked Front CoverYou Never Knew Because You Never Asked
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